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Andrew and Amory met over a decade ago! But almost four years ago, when Amory saw a cute guy out on New Years Eve, she had no idea it was the same guy she’d met so many years ago. It was one of those spotting each other across a crowded bar scenarios, catching each others’ […]

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Aaron and Karleigh are ENGAGED! And anyone who has known these two for any length of time will say, “finally!” They are just so obviously supposed to be with each other! This was one proposal that everyone around them was hoping for and even waiting for. David and I have known these two since they […]

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Ellen was running late for their first date, so she texted Aaron and he simply replied, “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” A quote from one of their favorite books. And to paraphrase Ellen’s vows to Aaron, “and here we are, precisely where we meant […]

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Drew and Katie are Maryland lovers, so it only made sense they’d get married on the bay! With a little bit of salt in the air and a dock leading out to the water, it was the perfect setting for their wedding day. Did I mention that these two are six years in the making?! […]

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You’re going to love these two! Kate and Rodney got married at Nesselrod on the New a few years ago and so naturally, we returned there for their anniversary session! We visited the special place that held their ceremony, pausing to remember their first kiss as husband and wife. We ran all over the property […]

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