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cue the confetti! – the new KPP is live!



I’ve been waiting to write this post for WEEKS now! Friends, launching a website is no easy feat. And I’ve been working some long nights and days making sure everything would come together perfectly! The whole project took longer than expected, but the reward of being finished makes it all so worth it!

We’ve known that KPP needed an upgrade for quite awhile now. We loved all the branding components that Bonnie created for us, but there was something lacking in how the website came together. Ultimately, we didn’t feel like it showed off our work well and it didn’t give you too many chances to get to know us better. And when you add in the fact that it showed up as generic wordpress blue when you clicked through from any social media site…it was time for a change! The site just didn’t represent us well! And we needed to get in the present and be able to have a beautiful site EVEN on a mobile phone!


 Enter Showit and Tonic Site Shops. Oh, I’m just over the moon grateful for these companies! Tonic provided a perfect starting place and showit answering question after question. When I went to Justin and Mary’s “The Event” in 2013, I remember Abby introducing me to a member of the Showit team as a “future Showiteer” and I just remember shaking my head, thinking it would never happen! And here we are! It took a few years, but now I’m working with a company that I’m CRAZY excited about. So, so happy to be a part of the Showit family :]

For now, I’ll let the website do the talking for me! Go ahead and browse around and if you’re feeling especially encouraging, let me know what your favorite part is! My favorite is definitely the “our favorite things” section on the About page. And keeping in theme with that, we’re actually hosting a giveaway on instagram to celebrate!! So head on over there and enter for a chance to win a date night kit for a perfect night in!


Shout out to David for proofing everything over and over and over and tolerating me asking the questions, “Does this look better?” and “Wait…how about this?” a million times a day. And then often just going with whatever the first option was. He’s a winner, friends!


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