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Sean and Sarah met when they were college freshman. Sarah was in a towel :] After a quick shower, she popped her head in her friend’s room at JMU and there Sean was. Sean wanted to get Q’doba for lunch and Sarah invited herself along with the group and insisted on Chipotle instead! Sean always […]

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Cam and Tyler officially met in Crumb and Get It, a cookie shop in downtown Radford, one night after a Cru weekly meeting. Cam was injured and Tyler was a nurse so he asked for her advice. Most of their exchange was Tyler telling Cam he was dumb for not going to the doctor! Later […]

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It had been six years full of adventures and nights out in Blacksburg and brunches and life together, but still, their wedding day was something special. Stephen and Leaona both had relaxed mornings getting ready, simply continuing the amazing weekend they were already having with their favorite people! They both feverishly wrote their vows before […]

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We’re pregnant! EEK! What a surreal post to be writing! Honestly, we still can’t quite believe we’ll have another little one next year! And we’re so, so excited! We’re known since the end of May, so we’ve gone the whole summer with our big secret! Well, we might’ve been a little less secretive this time […]

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Leonard and Michelle met through church, but it took quite awhile for them to really get to know each other. Eventually, they were lucky enough to find happiness in each other’s arms and about a year ago, Leonard made it official. He brought Michelle out for wine tasting on a week day, so she was […]

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