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September is just the craziest! I wish I could tell you all why, but there’s only so much I can share :] It’s been just plain LIFE busy aka weddings and travel and david’s high school reunion and CRU start up. BUT there’s been something else taking up our time as well! You can tag […]

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It was an absolutely perfect September day. A slight chill in the air with lots of sunshine. And there was anticipation. The barn had been decorated, the ceremony had been set, and all that was missing was the bride and groom. Ellen arrived smiling, wearing Brandon’s shirt, and looking beautiful as ever. As her girls […]

POSTED IN: Depth of Feels

Excuse this Tuesday dose of feels, but oh wow. What a week! If you’ve followed along on instagram at all then you know what I’m talking about! We headed to California 6 days ago and spent a day in Temecula followed by a day in San Diego and then took a red eye back to […]

Friends, we have truly seen it ALL when it comes to wedding days. Fainting bridesmaids, rainy hurricanes, jaw dropping emotional grooms, and so much more! Something that we’ve really noticed changing the atmosphere from wedding to wedding is the guests! Believe it or not, the guests energy and presence can totally make or break the […]

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We’ve got an 18 month old. A toddler. When people ask how old our little boy is we just say a year and a half because the months just don’t matter anymore :] It honestly feels like it’s been so much longer than than that though! Our life without Ollie feels super far away. We’re […]

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