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Another year, another wedding behind the scenes post! It’s one of my favorite things to put together because you can see just how ridiculously in love with our business and our clients and weddings we are! Seriously, what an absolute privilege to get to be front row to the most joyful moments of our brides […]

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Porter and Kaylynn met through the Air Force. Kaylynn, self admittedly, fiercely competitive and loving the challenge of a game, and Porter, not too into the activity, but crushing it anyways. Kaylynn even joked that she went full soccer mom and brought juice boxes to the game just to make up for the fact that […]

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Happy Black Friday, friends! It’s officially the holiday season! The season for twinkly lights and hot cocoa and enjoying being festive just for the sake of joy! Here at the Phipps house, we’ve already got our tree up :] I’m sentimental that way! Now that I’m a momma, it is almost painful how aware I […]

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Meghan went on their first date with no intentions of staying for dinner. She was in for coffee…but a whole extended evening including dinner? Nope, she’d just skip out early. But somehow Ryan charmed her enough that she decided to stay! Without eating her dinner, of course. Ryan laughed as he told the story to […]

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Andrew and Amory met over a decade ago! But almost four years ago, when Amory saw a cute guy out on New Years Eve, she had no idea it was the same guy she’d met so many years ago. It was one of those spotting each other across a crowded bar scenarios, catching each others’ […]

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