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There’d been a countdown for months. A wedding to do list that had slowly and surely shrunk to zero. And a lot of waiting. Pretty much ever since Adam got on one knee in that coffee shop. Waiting and counting down. And then finally, it was here! Lexi transformed into a bride as the morning […]

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Abby had an assignment. An actual assignment. Talk to a boy she didn’t know. It wasn’t Steven. But he spotted her from the across the party anyways. The girl he’d seen at his house for a Lord of the Rings viewing. He sneaked his way into the conversation and they bonded over poking fun at […]

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Friends, February has just been the absolute best. I’m super sad to see it go in a couple days! For the first time (besides maternity leave), I took some intentional time off of shooting, not booking anything for the entirety of February. And now I feel so refreshed! I’ve been taking time to do things […]

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Ollie’s 2nd birthday party was a labor of love :] I love that his birthday will always coincide with my off season because I truly enjoy having time to put fun things together for him! Our little guy is OBSESSED with Sesame Street…specifically Elmo and Cookie Monster (mo-mo and cook-yea)! He starts out his mornings […]

POSTED IN: Depth of Feels

Friends, I’m totally settling in to this new normal of not being swamped :] And the new normal of having David at home more! David was teaching a couple classes last semester, but this semester, his schedule is a little more open! He’s home with Ollie a lot more which means he’s home with me […]

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