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Brendan and Rachel met at a concert. And the crazy thing is, Rachel went to the concert that night and had no idea that her life would change because of it. It was a normal night, friends and acquaintances were gathered…but Brendan was there too! They connected on some common interests, but Brendan never made […]

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Allison prepared for her wedding day in the home she grew up in. Family members were bustling around and making sure every detail had been handled. Allison was counting the minutes until it was time to get ready. Everyone seemed like they were just anxious to get this show on the road! Her and her […]

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This is going to be the shortest feels ever! But I couldn’t let a week go without sharing some previews of what we’ve been up to! In a span of five days, we will have done 3 engagement sessions and a wedding! Well I guess the last one is technically tonight and that’s why I’m […]

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Chad and Katie met at a party at JMU and the rest was history. Well the rest was history after that first date in which they went on a run together! Talk about impressive :] They’ve got that sweetness that comes along with a college love story. They got to fall in love walking to […]

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Why Radford? It’s a question we get pretty often. Most people who know us via the internet/wedding photography are surprised to hear where we live! But yep, we live in Radford! And just in case you didn’t know, Radford is a tiny little town in Southwest Virginia super close to Virginia Tech, nestled in the […]

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