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It started with a little bit of a challenge. Danielle wanted to go to football formal so she did the only sensible thing to do…ask everyone she could think of if she could be their date. And luckily, Adam’s date bailed on him, he accepted her invitation, and the rest is history :] Since then […]

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There wasn’t a dry eye in the bridal suite the morning of Emily’s wedding. Every moment was a special one because it meant she was another minute closer to marrying Michael. Right before stepping in her dress, Emily and Michael met around a corner, very much wishing to see each other, but holding out for […]

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Emotional. That’s the word for this past week. We’ve had major exciting ups and a few big downs and lots of in between. It’s one of those weeks that feel about ten years long. Yesterday I was trying to process the fact that Saturday had only been 24 hours ago. Phew. Where do I even […]

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Chloë exudes an indescribable type of light. The room brightens when she walks in. And on her wedding day, it was just the same. All twelve of her bridesmaids were bustling around the house and when Chloë walked in the bustling stopped and the oohing and ahhing started. With only her hair done, she was […]

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Well, this is a super surreal post to be sharing! My little sister is ENGAGED!!! EEK! She’s getting married! Seriously, we are SO, so excited for her and Dylan. Her new fiancé! This feels like it has been a long time coming! They’ve known each other for a little over two years now and life […]

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