documenting ordinary love stories


ordinary love stories

we're kaitlyn + david phipps

and together we make up the husband and wife team behind kaitlyn phipps photography

We’re passionate about a life well lived. And we believe in being present and living out an ordinary love story with bits of magic sprinkled in the mundane. Because of that, we’re passionate about photography: documenting stories in a way that celebrates love and legacy. The joy, the tears, the adventure - it all adds up to a life lived together. 

ordinary love stories

Because it's right in the middle of the ordinary and the mundane that someone comes in and shakes up our lives.

 And it's the little details that you've shared that make up a life lived side by side.

 And that unglamorous faithfulness, that day in and day out ordinary love,

So do the dishes side by side, cuddle a little longer on the couch, wipe tears from each other's eyes, and hold hands as often as possible.

 And every now and then, throw a little magic into the middle of the ordinary and slow dance on a street corner. 

it's worth fighting for


wedding experience


family experience

After our parents, Kaitlyn was literally the first call I made after getting engaged. Her demeanor behind the camera is so fun and welcoming that you forget she's taking pictures and yet she still manages to capture the most beautiful images. Since our wedding we've had Kaitlyn capture our son's newborn days and a family session when he was one. Every time I don't think she can do better, but she does!! How can someone be so skilled with wedding parties, newborns, AND toddlers? I don't know, but somehow Kaitlyn can do it all!!

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mini sessions

We offer mini sessions in both the fall and spring every year for any sentimental need you may have! Updated couples portraits…check! Candids of your ever growing babe…check! Christmas card material…check! Portraits beautiful enough to display in your home…check, check, and CHECK!

Join the wait list for our next round of minis or feel free to inquire about a full length session!

we believe

in forehead kisses and slow dancing in the kitchen and the magic of ordinary love stories. Sound like you?