at my core,

i'm a

and a story



I believe in the authentic, messy, middle of the story just as much as the small and seemingly ordinary beginnings. I’m all caught up in stories; whether that’s a friend’s life story, a good book, a client’s love story, or the beautiful Gospel. I spend my time photographing gorgeous, joy-filled couples and helping new and growing families cherish the tender, in between moments of their lives. I truly have the best job in the world and could not dream of a better way to spend my time.

A huge plus to all of this is that I work with my husband, David! Whether it’s photographing weddings together or coordinating time with our two little kids in the midst of an unconventional schedule, we’re in it together. 

Our ten years of marriage have taught me that in the mundane moments of folding laundry and making endless peanut butter and jellies and falling asleep on the couch for the 4th night in a row…there’s something really lovely to be noticed. We’re living out an ordinary love story and that’s something worth celebrating. From dirty dishes to laughing until we cry, it’s all adding up to a life lived side by side. We’re passionate about marriage and a life lived well. Even more so now that we’ve added our kids, Ollie and Millie, to the mix! 

fun facts

just a few

I'm a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd who firmly believes that Hufflepuff houses all the best people.!

guess my hogwarts house...

I'm a proud Disney World addict who's always secretly planning my next Magic Kingdom jaunt.

the perfect vacay....

I'm happiest at home; curled up under a blanket, with a lengthy piece of fiction in one hand and a mug full of ice cream in my other. Snuggles from my fam are highly valued in that equation as well!

my ideal day looks like...

On a typical day you'll find me in leggings because, let's be honest, real pants are overrated.

right now, i'm wearing...

hover for answer

I spend a lot of my life chasing my kiddos as they leave a trail of chaos and magic wherever they go. I get the privilege of loving my sweet husband who is the practical, constant, unflinchingly kind, and unwavering support to my overly sentimental, emotional soul. My husband and my kids have been the greatest surprise gift of my life and so I cherish them all the more. 

Our sweet Ollie is six years old and he loves Harry Potter almost as much as his momma. He is our constant energy bringer and hug giver and he's the best big brother out there. Millie is our spunky 3 year old with the big personality. She's always down for chats about princesses or Minnie Mouse and she loves to cuddle and read a book. Same girl.


david + kaitlyn's love story

David and Kaitlyn meet at a campus ministry retreat.

Kaitlyn thinks David is weird…David doesn’t remember meeting her.

october 2008

An awkward coffee date at the campus Starbucks. Kaitlyn is late and talks about Buffy the Vampire Slayer the entire time. David leaves thinking, "We’ll just be friends." Kaitlyn leaves thinking, "I’m definitely interested."

november 2008

After wearing David down via watching the tv show LOST together, Kaitlyn asks (over instant messenger) if she is his girlfriend. David says yes. (Turns out what he didn’t know how to say was…not quite yet)

december 2008

Kaitlyn says “I think I’m falling for you” and David says “I love you too” with a sly smile on his face.

April 2009

David buys Kaitlyn her first DSLR camera and starts setting up sessions for her to shoot.

June 2010

David proposes after a pizza date at Lake Anne in Reston, VA. We go on our first NYC trip to celebrate.

July 2011

David and Kaitlyn get married! On a farm with a mason jar chandelier and rolling Southwest Virginia hills and all their favorite people!

May 26th, 2012

David and Kaitlyn officially open the doors of KPP and begin serving couples on their wedding days together.

April 2013

Kaitlyn and David find out they're expecting their first baby! Kaitlyn is terrified and David is confident and ever so sure that she'll be a great momma. 

June 2015

Sweet Ollie bear joins the family and our lives are never the same. Kaitlyn learns that she loves being a mom more than she ever thought possible.

February 2016

The Phipps family finally admits they’re establishing roots in Radford and buys a house on the best dead-end neighborhood street. 

September 2017

Kaitlyn finds out they're expecting a baby girl and subsequently loses her dang mind with excitement.

September 2018

Amelia Grace, Millie, is born and our joy increases again. Ollie says it’s his favorite day of his life.

January 2019

David and Kaitlyn celebrate 10 years of marriage and enjoy life with their two high energy little people and a business that allows them to spend so much time with their kids.

May 2022

we believe

in forehead kisses and slow dancing in the kitchen and the magic of ordinary love stories. Sound like you?