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The forecast called for all day long thunderstorms…and yet, we only saw 5 minutes of rain. It was like it could only ever be sunny on the day that Porter and Kaylynn became each other’s homes. Kaylynn was surrounded by supportive women in the bridal suite and she seemed to be nothing but relaxed. She […]

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Meghan might be the most excited person I’ve ever known. Her capacity for celebration is always growing, so of course, her wedding day was going to be full to the brim with emotion! All of the girls arrived with giant smiles on their faces, Meghan’s biggest of all! She also has a knack for developing […]

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Chelsea, a deep lover of books, had them absolutely surrounding her on her wedding day. Pops of blue also ran throughout, even in a few curls of her hair. She had a book picked out to read on her wedding day, something she never got to do amidst the hustle and bustle of getting ready. […]

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Remember those mini sessions I did awhile back? Well, they were such a success! Since becoming a momma, I’ve grown to love pictures even more. They bring back what my memory fails to recall. They help me grow in the art of cherishing my children even more. They freeze time amidst the hazy, sleepy newborn […]

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Jack and Emily fell in love at William and Mary. In between classes and to and from Greek socials. On weekends and winter breaks and Williamsburg adventures. They started as friends, but eventually their paths circled closer and closer to each other and they were just inevitable. Emily asked Jack to go to the Yankee […]

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