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Is anyone still mad at me for that cliffhanger of a blog post on Friday? :] Guys, I had NO idea that so many people would be excited to hear our love story! I initially just thought it’d be a fun thing to share, but I had so much fun reliving those days 8 whole years ago by writing. So now, not only am I looking forward to your reactions every week, but I’m excited to sit down and write everything out. The next dose of that will go live on Friday :]

Happy Monday friends! I’ll be honest, it’s not been a super happy one for me. And that’s because JUST when I thought I was done with doctors’ offices, they pulled me back in!¬†These last few months have just been a wreck health wise, but I’m hoping we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Poor Olliebear has been sick for the last week as well! There’s nothing sadder than a sick baby with a runny nose and real tear drops. But there’s also nothing sweeter than a sick, cuddly baby. So at least that’s a plus :]

Anyways, this week is off to a weird start, but my favorite weekend of the year is coming up! Cru’s Fall Retreat is this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! It feels like¬†Fall Retreat is the indicator that Fall has really begun. And it’s just my favorite place on the planet. There’s a long week of prep work ahead of us, and it’s all going to be worth it come Friday morning :]

Soooo all that being said, let’s get to an unfortunate list of feels:

  • Our front doorknob went missing last week. OUR DOORKNOB. Thankfully it had just fallen off and rolled into our “garden.” But dang, I either thought it was an amazing prank, or just plain dumb. Still not sure which!
  • I just hung up our wreath for Fall. And in order to do that, I had to switch it with our Christmas wreath. That’s been up for a solid 9 months. Yeah.
  • And it was full of spiders who’d made their home there. So that gives you a glimpse into my home maker abilities.
  • Ollie was sick this week…and so was I. Poor, poor David.
  • The only fortunate feel today: Our television shows are back. Every single one. We are rejoicing! Like we cheered when we realized it last Monday.
  • I cry every episode of the Voice. Without fail. It’s just who I am.

You guys know the drill. When I don’t have previews from a session in the last week…you get a little Ollie iphone action :] (i don’t think you mind) This is him looking real adorable and smiley, even though he wasn’t feeling good!



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