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Guys, depth of feels is on a Tuesday because I HAVE SOMETHING REALLY EXCITING TO SAY! You know how I’ve hinted at a little project we’ve been working on? Like starting back in December and then January and then now it’s February?! Well, guess what?! We were building a new website this entire time! *cue confetti cannons*

For real, friends. We are days away from launching a brand new sparkly website that takes the best of my branding that Bonnie did way back when and merges it with a site that is so much more compatible. And *drumroll please* IT’S COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DANG MOBILE PHONE. So yeah, basically we’ve moved into the present year, 2017. I could not be more excited. And we’ll be launching sometime in the next week! STAY TUNED FRIENDS!

My favorite part of the new site just might be our “favorite things” section. And that might also be because I took made myself a mug of ice cream at 2 in the afternoon so I could photograph it. And well, you know what happens next.


This last week has been very full of website building, but also, just a lot of life in general. We had some good friend time, planning Ollie’s birthday (EEK) time, and I attended the IF Gathering through my local church. Oh and it was so good for my soul. They’re whole focus was on doing small things well and just showing up for people. It was so encouraging and so challenging and I got to spend 24 hours with some ladies I really love talking through all the great content.  And I got to bask in the absolute privilege it is to raise a little tiny life and love him well and show up for him.

Plus, I mean, he’s just the cutest, right?! His new thing is fake crying. So him screaming on his car is just so #reallife.


Some feels for your Tuesday evening:

  • We had a tragedy in the family this Sunday. We got home from Chipotle only to realize that David had left the leftovers on top of the car. You would’ve thought that someone had actually DIED from the look on his face. Meanwhile I’m still laughing imagining our burrito bowl flying off the top of our Prius.
  • The most fun photo contest is going on right now! And anyone can vote! Guys it’s seriously addicting and I get a little caught up trying to find my own photos in it.
  • Spending a long time in a doctor’s waiting room in Southwest VA means you just might hear an older woman mispronounce salmon as “sal-mon” several times.
  • Thankfully during that same trip I sat next to a couple who’d been married for 65 YEARS and I listened to them tell their love story and it was just the most precious.
  • I’m going back to Creative at Heart Conference this summer in Raleigh! I’m so, so thrilled to be going back to a conference that so changed my business and my heart.

Other notable notables…David is my post office runner and I love it. And NINE of my former brides were at the IF Gathering. Having them in one place was SUCH a sweet surprise!



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