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It’s hard to think about anything other than we have an almost one year old!

It’s Ollie’s birthday week which means we’re all kinds of nostalgic. I can remember how I felt last year at this time SO clearly. We were awaiting something that had a due date…but no certainty. Something that could happen at, quite literally, any moment. And something that was going to change our lives drastically. We were buying food that had expiration dates AFTER our “due date” and wondering what the heck life would be like when that happened. It was just crazy.

Last night we watched the Grammy’s, which happened to be on when I was in labor last year. The Grammy’s were our distraction while timing contractions and I’ve got to be honest, this year’s viewing was a lot more fun. :] Instead of being in terrible pain and full of fear…we were hanging out and eating dinner and watching Ollie dance to all the music. Whew. Time has passed both quickly and slowly and having these little benchmarks like the Grammys and Valentine’s day remind me just how much life has passed since Ollie made his debut into our lives. It’s all been for the best, of course. :]

We did other fun things this week, but it feels like all my energy is going towards preparing to soak in celebrating surviving one year as a family of three!!

Now for some feels:

  • Our new website is SO close to launching. We’re hoping for tomorrow!! We’re just waiting on the excellent Showit team to give us the go ahead! Stay tuned!!!
  • This past week, we celebrated Christmas with our closest friends. Yep, in February. We got to go out together sans children and exchange gifts. And getting gifts in February was so fun that we’re thinking we should just do that every year!
  • Also, we visited the Roanoke Star and I LOVED it. I think it probably could be a little anticlimactic…but we went at night on a whim and all the twinkly city lights were some type of magical. I guess waiting 8 years was worth it?
  • A few of my girlfriends threw a Galentine’s tea this weekend and it was just so fun. They incorporated so many cute details and it just made me want to do a styled shoot right in their dining room. Macarons and cake pops and hearts and mint everywhere? I’ll take it!
  • I’ve gotten the crafting bug again as I’ve started decorating for Ollie’s birthday party. So far I’ve completed a birthday crown and a banner and I’m not planning on stopping myself until Saturday :]
  • I’m still listening to the La La Land soundtrack almost daily. Cannot stop. Will not stop.
  • Ollie called me “momma” on PURPOSE this week and I LOVED it. Now if only he’d figure out how to do it again!

Including this photo because I’m getting sentimental and how was he ever so impossibly tiny?!



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