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What a jam packed week! I can’t remember the last time we had so much to report in a depth of feels! Between the new website launch and Valentine’s day and Ollie turning one and all of our family being in town, it was just so full! I’m feeling extra tired for a Monday, but also a little sad to leave all the celebrations behind!

In case you weren’t on the internet last week, you might be able to tell that the blog got a facelift! Yay! And the website got an even bigger facelift. Like we demolished it and started over with our branding in one hand and Showit in the other. (and if we had another hand, then we were holding coca cola because caffeine was super necessary to this launch as well…also one elbow or foot was holding back Ollie from banging on my keyboard) We loved getting to unveil the new site after all of our hard work last week. And I felt really thankful for all the love you guys showed us in your feedback! We’re more than excited about it and it’s fun that you all are too!

And, of course, we had a lot of personal celebrating to do as well. We did Valentine’s day big (aka not big at all and it was great) and we celebrated Ollie’s birthday like 3 times! Day one aka his actual birthday meant doing all his favorites – the pool, chipotle, and smashing a cake. He’d never done that last one before, but I think it’s safe to say it was a favorite. Day two meant a session with my friend Ashley Powell and Ollie trying ice cream for the first time (loved it). And day three was the day all our family came in and we threw him a little birthday party! It was just wonderful! And somewhere in there, we fit in our normal lives aka work.

Now for some feels to go with all those words.

  • When I say we did Valentine’s big, I mean that we ordered take out Olive Garden (thanks Brandon & Ellen) and stayed in and watched the Wedding Planner. Recipe for success right there.
  • Fun fact: Alex Karev aka Justin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy is Massimo in the Wedding Planner! (!!!!!!!) We had a freak out because we’re big Grey’s fans and am I the ONLY one who didn’t know this?!
  • Actual comment that I overheard at dinner Saturday: “Bangarang! 10 points to Gryffindor!” I immediately wanted to be this guys friend. #nerdlife
  • I did a fair bit of stressing about planning a cute birthday party for Ollie, but at some point, I just threw in the towel. And if you saw this instagram, you know what I mean. Instead of making Ollie a second cake to smash for his party…I just patched up his first cake and kept on living.
  • Actual comment from my mom after we took her picture with Oliver: “Too bad it wasn’t good.” Us: “You haven’t even seen it!” Her: *Sigh* “I just know!” For someone who has a photographer as a daughter, she sure hates pictures.
  • Every year, our college students/staff at Cru throw a Valentine’s day dinner and dance and this year was just lovely. I got to bring Ollie as my date and he loved practicing walking with all the college guys. Seriously, the students love him and it couldn’t make us any happier!

I’ve got updates on updates to share this week! My big blog post rounding up Ollie’s first year and a peek at his birthday party! I think it’s safe to say he’s a fan of cake!



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