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Another Tuesday depth of feels in the books for ya :] I’m still in recovery mode from the last week of life right now! Isn’t it always the case that as soon as you slow down…you get sick?! Well, it seems to be my norm!

Last week, life slowed down a WHOLE lot. Free evenings, time to be with friends, and lots of family time took precedent on our calendar, which was an awesome feeling! But inevitably, Ollie got sick and passed it right on to me. The joys of motherhood, right? :] We headed off for a weekend away to shoot a wedding and an engagement session and I was feeling so out of it. Have you ever wondered what happens when a wedding photog gets sick? Well THIS wedding photog keeps right on going! Adrenaline always kicks in and I’m peppy and focused and back to my normal healthy self…and then as soon as we drive away I crash again! And this time, that wasn’t quite as possible as usual. But I’ll save that for the feels :]

Aren’t those flowers so fun? They’re all made of wood!!

Unfortunately, our esession got cancelled due to rain, so we took the trip back home to rest and were met with Ollie’s wrath! He’s a good kid, but he saves up his sass for us after he stays with someone else. I spent Sunday under a blanket watching like 12 hours of the Office and trying to keep Ollie from sitting on my head (which was a fail…anyone else’s kid only want to cuddle when you’re not feeling it?). We’re also 3 weeks from needing to be out of our current home and in the new one! So it’s crunch time, people! If anyone’s feeling like painting, you let me know :]

Feels time!

  • If you saw my instastories you already know…but this weekend, David forgot our suitcase! We had a nice hotel stay planned after our wedding day…but had no clothes in sight! So off to Walmart we went.
  • Another big IF…if you know me, you know I hate Walmart. Something about the lighting and the way no one is helpful and my loyalty to Target. But even so, we purchased full outfits down to underwear from Walmart out of necessity and I was an unhappy camper about it the whole way. Thankfully, we’ve both got a good sense of humor and were laughing it up.
  • Before our Walmart trek, we headed into Applebee’s because we were SO hungry and were surprised to see one of my old small group girls working there! WHAT! Between the suitcase and this random run in, we felt like we were in the twilight zone!
  • Ollie had to come with me to Cru this week and he did GREAT! I was so thankful. He stayed nice and quiet in the back, even during the 30 minute talk, and let out all his crazy at the end while the college students chased him around. It makes me so happy to see them love him!
  • Is anyone else just pained by the seasons where Jim and Pam aren’t together in the Office? David physically cringes whenever they have a moment in the first few seasons because it bothers him so much hahha.

That’s all for now, friends! But there’s going to be a stunning mountain wedding on the blog on Thursday!



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