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Sometimes I wake up on a Monday and I’m just ready to go. This was not one of those Mondays :] We were waking up from an exhausting Sunday and a dream of a Saturday.

Almost every wedding we have guests who tell us we’re so, so lucky to be doing this as our job. That we must have SO much fun every weekend. And guess what? It’s TRUE! We do have so much fun and the privilege is never lost on us. We’re so thankful to be a part of someone’s most favorite day and we love getting to experience that together. Inevitably, someone always asks us if we’ve just “seen it all” or if we ever get tired of it. And the answer is always no! Every single wedding day is a blessing to us and is totally unique. We left Martin and Elise’s wedding this past Saturday on a cloud! It was such a dream day and it made us thankful for our job over and over again.

(see example below…i was choking back sobs during their sweet, heartfelt ceremony)

Now Sunday…Sunday was a different story. As you probably know, we bought a house! And it is a bit bigger than our current home which means we needed a little more furniture to fill it! Soooo to IKEA we went! If you’ve ever been to IKEA then you know…it’s never a quick trip. We wandered through and finally made it through check out about 4 hours after entering the store and then came the task of getting home. David drove the big Uhaul with all of our purchases plus a fridge and oven…and I drove our car with Ollie in the back seat. I think I might’ve gotten the worse end of the deal :] Phew. Anyways, add up a perfect wedding day and a Sunday that had us back in our little home just before midnight with a toddler and we. are. exhausted. Here’s to Tuesday being a big catch up day in the office! And here’s to looking forward to work because I’ve got SO many pretty images to go through!

Here’s some feels along with that weekend wrap up :]

  • Here’s the best thing you want to hear after guests seeing a same day slideshow: “You are FANTASTIC at your job!” It was the cherry on top of a perfect day.
  • Buying curtains feels more complicated and adult than it should. We hit the curtain section at IKEA and I almost said let’s just quit and GO HOME! Okay, it was slightly dramatic, but our new home has lots of light aka LOTS of windows to cover and I was donzo.
  • Remember how my sister is getting married? Yep! We just had to reschedule their engagement photos and it was a bummer because now we have to wait AND we don’t get to hang out with her. I guess you could say we’re a little excited for her to move back into town when she gets married :] If Ollie could comprehend…then I know he’d be the most excited of us all!
  • You know you’ve got sweet friends when they bring over Moana stuffed animals when they come babysit. Ollie is in LOVE with his stuffed HeiHei and officially ditched the panda he was sleeping with every night for that little chicken.
  • I watched Trolls all the way through with Ollie last week and let me tell ya…I don’t hate it. It made me laugh and a little emotional and bop along with the songs. That’s a big win!
  • Dear The Cosmos Club: I think I’m in love with you. City vibes and clean backgrounds and secret gardens. Mmmm that’s the stuff wedding dreams are made of.

More from this absolutely breathtaking wedding on Thursday!



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