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Cabell’s Mill Wedding // Chris & Anisha


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The house was bursting with energy and movement on Chris and Anisha’s wedding day. Family filled the space to the brim as Anisha, her mom, and her sisters got ready together upstairs. Anisha donned her gorgeous dress and new and borrowed bangles from family and soon enough, it was time to go meet Chris at Cabell’s Mill. The park was full of orange and red leaves – exactly as they’d hoped for their early November wedding! The leaves rustled as Anisha walked towards Chris and his eyes welled up with tears when he saw his bride. They’d already been building a life together, but still, this moment signified something new.

The ceremony was performed by Anisha’s brother in law and he kept everyone laughing throughout! He included their personalities, their feelings towards wedding planning, the way they fit into the larger family and it felt like a true testament to who they are. It was an intimate day, which meant that there was so much more room for taking it slow and connecting with everyone who was there to celebrate. Guests mingled during the cocktail hour, filled out wedding mad libs during dinner, and everyone was blessed by the toasts from their family. Anisha’s sisters joked about the way they all knew it was Chris before she ever did and her mom had everyone in tears as she shared the first time she met Chris. She said she just knew that he was the very best person to take care of her daughter.

After dinner, everyone donned their new flannels (a gift from Anisha’s parents!) and headed to the after party to welcome the newlyweds in with sparklers. It was such a unique day and everyone kept remarking that it fit Chris and Anisha perfectly!

Chris and Anisha, we feel so honored to be the ones who got to capture your day! It was fun, thoughtful, and we’ll never stop talking about it! Congratulations friends!

Venue: Cabell’s Mill // Photographer: Kaitlyn Phipps Photography // Coordinator: Jane Kestner // Make Up: Hair & Makeup by Sara // Groom: Bonobos

The rings plus Anisha’s veil = heavenly!

Anisha, you’re so gorgeous!

So, so sweet.

We didn’t know if there would still be leaves around, but thank goodness, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

The aisle lined with pumpkins was such a fun touch!

Loved all the color!

An obvious favorite :]

And then Chris suggested they get in the stream and all my dreams came true!


I love how happy Chris makes her!


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