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chateau morrisette wedding // ryan & brittany


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It was a perfect October day, the first perfect chill-in-the-air day of the month, in fact. Brittany had been planning for a year and a half and every single detail was accounted for. Everything was planned to a tee and all that was left to do was to actually walk down the aisle and get married! Brittany was calm as ever in her make up chair, her bridesmaids pausing every few moments to proclaim how beautiful she was, but none of us were prepared for when she stepped into her wedding dress. Between how unbelievably perfect her dress was for her and the light drifting through Chateau Morrisette’s cathedral like windows, she looked angelic. Like a real life princess. As she walked down the aisle to Ryan, he smiled wider and wider. For the two of them, this ceremony was just confirming something that had already happened in their hearts a long time ago. But still, when the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, their jaws dropped, their hands shook together, and they rejoiced! After all this time, officially officially husband and wife, life-sharers, best friends, and…coworkers if you count the fact that they both work from home with desks in the same space! 

The evening carried on perfectly. Their friends gave sweet toasts highlighting their commitment and hospitality in friendship, and Brittany’s ability to find a fairytale wherever she goes. (an example of the magic that follows Brittany around – during the ceremony, a little girl and her momma stopped to watch, the little girl toddler-whispering “look momma! a princess!” Brittany and Ryan held an intimate wedding for only their closest family and friends, taking great care to invite the people who are the most special to them, the ones they couldn’t imagine having their day without. Because of this, the night was more like a reunion than a reception – all their favorite people getting to share the same space and time. It was clear that it was counted as a true privilege for every guest in attendance to be a part of their celebration.

Our favorite part of the evening was sneaking out to the vineyard for sunset portraits! The light bounced off of our sweet bride and groom and we had fun twirling around and maybe even laughing at a little blooper I had…scroll down to sunset portraits for that story :] Brittany and Ryan, it was the sweetest gift to be involved in your day! You two are clearly made for each other! Here’s to forever together!

Venue: Chateau Morrisette // Photography: Kaitlyn Phipps Photography // Cake: Our Daily Bread // Blooms: Northside Flower Show // Deejay: Wendell Witt // Hair & Make Up // Charmarie Salon // Dress: Sophia Tolli // Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal // Suits: Men’s Warehouse //

Let’s just talk about the wax seals…each hand stamped by the bride!

Goodness gracious, Brittany!!!

So beautiful!

Love this shot of David’s!

Loved that Ryan was making her laugh, even during the ceremony!


Brittany included her grandmother’s ring on her bouquet as a sweet detail to carry all day.

Portrait time! ALL the heart eyes!

One of my favorites!

Okay this one too!

Literal dream weather!

These two gave us so much time for sunset portraits! What a gift!


David leveled up for this shot! Obsessed!

Alright, let me explain! I was going for the big romantic pick up and Ryan suggested the “sack of potatoes” pick up. I had him go for it, not knowing how it would turn out…and this is what we ended up with! Everyone had a good laugh when I explained I didn’t know what picking up someone like a sack of potatoes meant…but hey, apparently Ryan picks Brittany up like this all the time! I’ll call it a win :]

This is the look I was going for ;]

Back to the party!


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