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clifton engagement session // chris & anisha


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Thank goodness for jobs in engineering, because without them, Chris and Anisha never would’ve met! They struck up a friendship working in the same office. Along the way, there were things like rock climbing together, after work drinks, but for years and years they were just friends. Well, that is if you don’t count the massive crush Chris harbored for a lot of that time. Anisha, blissfully unaware, just valued her friend Chris and enjoyed spending time with him. It took a nudge from her mom for her to even notice it could be something more. One night, Chris made what he described as a “fairly obvious move” and the rest is history!

A few years later, in their new hometown of Boston, Chris was ready to ask Anisha to marry him. But he had the idea that he’d propose in the snow, when the ground was bright and clean, and they had the world to themselves. Finally, they had the perfect snowy day and he convinced Anisha to head out for a walk. And there, in the middle of the snow white world, he got on one knee and asked her to marry him. And now, they’re getting married in November! These two are so fun together. They have a unique way of making it feel like you’re already old friends from the moment you meet them. They’re clearly a perfect fit for each other and you can tell they are each other’s very best friend. 

Chris and Anisha, thanks for trusting us with your wedding memories! What a joy to get to capture this season for you! We can’t wait until November! 

Such a unique location! I loved it!

The best smiles!

Gorgeous, Anisha!

Obsessed with Anisha’s ring!

Location #2 looking a little bit like Narnia :]

One of my favorites!

So stinking adorable!


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