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jc raulston arboretum engagement session // luke & brenda


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Luke and Brenda sat only feet away from each other in a class their first year at UVA. But it wasn’t until their second year that they actually got to know each other. In a season where all of their friends were starting to date, they were spending time together as well. They joked that if they ever got together, they’d give themselves the award of best overall couple…and even so, it was still a surprise when Luke presented Brenda with a trophy when he asked her to be his girlfriend. They spent their time in college sharing their lives together, they took on the next chapter of moving cities and pursuing more school together. and now, they’re finally getting married! Several months ago, Luke made it official with a ring. One night, on a walk in the city, he proposed, Brenda’s sister recording from nearby!

Goodness, are these two sweet! You can tell when a couple has been together a long time from the easy rhythm that they share. The conversation flows and the storytelling trades quickly back and forth. We wandered around JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC slowly, stopping to trade stories, stopping to laugh and swat bugs and even to see them perform the entire School of Rock handshake. (aka my kind of couple!) We had a perfectly lit night in Raleigh and their images turned out so gorgeous because of all of that combined! Brenda’s smile grew wide and her eyes lit up when Luke kissed her cheek or held her close. Luke mumbled jokes into her ear as the night went on and it was just so wonderful to see how kind they are to each other.

Luke & Brenda, I’m SO excited for your March wedding! Crossing my fingers it gets here so soon!!


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