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Brian and Casey are so wonderful together. Married just a year and a half ago, and now, almost parents! They’re some of the kindest people you’ll meet. So much joy and so much intentionality between the two of them. They’re a perfect fit! And the fact that they’re going to be raising a little baby […]

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What a strange and wonderful thing to see my friends become mommas. I know I’ve got a kid too, but it all feels so adult! Like are we really old enough for this? Are we really qualified? Shouldn’t someone stop us before we get away with this whole becoming a mom thing? But yet, here […]

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Once upon a time, we used to take Ollie to ALL of our sessions! He was a little guy, so David would just baby wear him and he’d snooze the whole session. Those days are long gone! He’s into everything and always on a mission. But every once in a while, he gets to relive […]

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Let me introduce you to my dear friend Ashley! She’s a milestone photographer from Roanoke, but more than that she’s a faithful friend, loving wife, and soon to be momma! Ashley and I met at the first Creative at Heart conference two and a half years ago. It’s so crazy to think it’s been that long! […]

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I can remember the first time I really got to talk with Lea. It was over coffee, sitting in Starbucks, and we were quietly whispering the intimate details of our lives to each other. She’d just transferred to Radford and her life had just been flipped upside down by the Gospel. We had just met and […]

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