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Tom had spotted Katie at the karaoke bar before that night, but something about that specific night made him bold. Katie had her blinders up – she wasn’t looking for a relationship and she just wasn’t in a place to be interested. But, Tom was persistent, going as far as adding her on Facebook right […]

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Maria and Spencer are high school sweethearts…and now they’re expecting a baby! Years and years since they first met and they’re still documenting all of their milestones on the same sweet little path behind Maria’s parents’ house. Homecomings and proms, graduations and countless celebrations, and even their wedding pictures all brought them back to the […]

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What a sweet thing it is to be expecting a baby. You’re already very much parents, but also not quite yet. You’re holding on to the last few weeks of “just the two of you,” but also anxiously expecting your little one. You’re prepping and washing and folding and decorating and rearranging your home to […]

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Remember those mini sessions I did awhile back? Well, they were such a success! Since becoming a momma, I’ve grown to love pictures even more. They bring back what my memory fails to recall. They help me grow in the art of cherishing my children even more. They freeze time amidst the hazy, sleepy newborn […]

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Aaron and Karleigh are ENGAGED! And anyone who has known these two for any length of time will say, “finally!” They are just so obviously supposed to be with each other! This was one proposal that everyone around them was hoping for and even waiting for. David and I have known these two since they […]

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