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Everything was so calm at the Country Club of Fairfax on the day of Luke and Brenda’s wedding. A cold wind whipped through the air that kept everyone alert and expectant, and Brenda spent the morning laughing and laughing with her best friends – waiting for the moment she’d get to go meet Luke. Once […]

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Hayden and Amanda are a self proclaimed Tinder-Ella story! And it all started in a local college bar in Harrisonburg where Amanda was sure to let me know that she’d told her friends where she’d gone that night :] They were drawn to each other right away and have been together for years since – […]

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What a sweet thing it is to be expecting a baby. You’re already very much parents, but also not quite yet. You’re holding on to the last few weeks of “just the two of you,” but also anxiously expecting your little one. You’re prepping and washing and folding and decorating and rearranging your home to […]

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The sentence “I’m gonna date your sister one day,” is probably something that every brother in the history of the world has scoffed at or shrugged off. But Levi was dead serious when he said that to Sierra’s brother! And against the odds, he made it happen! After some joking back and forth on snapchat, […]

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“It’s not over.” Those are the words Chris swears he heard as he walked away from getting turned down by Paiden. He’d taken a risk and asked his friend to go on a date with him…and she said no. But he had total peace that that was not the end of their story. Meanwhile, Paiden […]

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