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I’m sure that when Neal threw a house warming party, he wasn’t assuming he’d meet his future wife. In the same way, I’m sure that when Jen begrudgingly agreed to attend a party where she knew almost no one…she didn’t expect to meet the man she’d share her life with. But thankfully, that’s exactly the […]

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Bryce Resort is their favorite place and it holds so much of their lives together…so of course, when it came time to plan the wedding, that’s the only place Hayden and Amanda could imagine getting married! They brought all of their favorite people out to the mountains and because of that October 3rd was a […]

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Jeff and Casey were supposed to be married on May 2nd, 2020. Instead of a reception, friends and family drove by their home, wishing them well and celebrating what should have been the big day! They were showered with love despite all the circumstances…and I think September 13th MORE than made up for it! Talk […]

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Rose Hill Manor was quiet when we arrived, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long! Soon enough, the venue was bustling with energy, Melissa beaming because this day that she had waited for and planned for and not known if it would happen was FINALLY here! Once she stepped into her dress, the smile […]

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Hugh and Rene’s day was nothing like they’d envisioned. Everyone they’d hoped could be there wasn’t there – but even still, it was perfect. Hugh and Rene had a big group of friends cheering for them that day and everyone was 100% excited to see them married! The resounding joy filled up each and every […]

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