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Tim and Jamie have the new age love story that we all love! A dating app connection that actually worked out :] Tim noticed that Jamie had listed “The Office” as one of her interests so he put her knowledge to the test…with a quote from Creed of all things. Aka the weirdest character on […]

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In some ways, it’s like Cole and Brooke were always meant to find each other. They met when they were teenagers and had kept in touch over the years and reunited at college…as friends. Good friends, really. Such good friends that Cole knew he couldn’t date Brooke because he’d surely end up marrying her 🙂 […]

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Boy meets girl in the halls of a small town high school. It’s a tale as old as time, and this time, it’s about the teachers! Cam and Nikki knew of each other growing up, but it wasn’t until they were teaching across the hall from each other at their former high school that they […]

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There’s absolutely no party like a James and Jill party! What else could you expect from two completely magnetic people who just happen to be marrying each other?! Jill was all hype on the morning of her wedding because she was marrying James, and literally nothing else mattered to her! James was the dreamy guy […]

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Dan and Elana didn’t always have a straight line towards each other. There were twists and turns, but thankfully, they ended up together. Their beginnings were back in college and after dating for a few years, they broke up. But still, awhile later, they found their way back to each other. Dan was hesitant to […]

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