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Oh, if you live in Radford, you have most certainly already heard of the Radford Coffee Company. Because new openings or good places to hang out are few and far between in our little town. And finally, there’s an awesome coffee shop in town! ┬áBut if you don’t…let me explain :] Radford is kind of […]

This post is LONG overdue. Eek, I took a trip to Sinkland Farms for a besties birthday like a month and a half ago and I finally got around to them! Personal photos tend to fall by the wayside compared to work and myriads of engagement and family sessions! So here I am, mid November […]

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So just as a preface: Radford is totally a college town. But not one of those cool college towns where live music plays in local bars every night or the food is really awesome and local and unique. Nope. Radford is just a college town, that is super small and doesn’t have much to it […]

FINALLY! I made this big deal about our summer bucket list a few months ago, and there are still things that I haven’t shared from it! So today I’m going to show you all Hank’s, and the true Radford gem that it is. But first, I’m starting a new series on the blog! You may […]

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